Welcome to the RACI Solutions Website

Welcome to the RACI Solutions website. We are a training and consulting firm that specializes in decision-making, accountability, collaboration and teamwork. We have resources for learning and applying the RACI matrix tool.

RACI is a project management tool that helps companies and managers clarify roles so that your team knows who is accountable and who is in charge. Using RACI can make you and your teams more effective. We like to help and we’re easy to talk to, so feel free to contact us if you have a question about RACI, decision-making, or high performance teams. Learn more about our Consulting Services, RACI Workshops, and RACI Training Materials. 

RACI Masters e-learningLearn RACI with RACI Masters

New! RACI Solutions introduces RACI Masters, an e-learning course that teaches your team to improve project management, meeting effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration, team leadership, and more!

The RACI Masters e-learning course features:

  • Short-form Learning: 15 modules, each 4-11 minutes long.

  • Flexible Curriculum: Navigate the course in any order and learn what you want.

  • Real-world Applications: Six interactive activities demonstrate how to apply RACI in real world situations.

  • Resources and Templates: 15 resources and templates help you and your employees sustain the learning.

  • Individual training and enterprise-wide licenses available.


Preview the RACI Masters e-learning course